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Jan Williams speaks about David Adair

Jan Williams speaks about David Adair

DAVID ADAIR One of the most far reaching details aboutDavid Adair’s story  is that the U.S. military secretly gave him support to build his rocket in 1969.  Under the direction of Curtis LeMay, Colonel Bailey Arthur Williams was assigned to oversee the design of Pitholem, the rocket that was created by Adair and launched from White Sands New Mexico to Area 51.  Through the years I have followed the story, wanting to believe, but waiting for some fact to disprove Adair’s testimony.  Then I met Jan Williams, daughter of Colonel Bailey Arthur Williams (USAF Ret.).She had contacted David Adair after hearing him speak on a radio show about his development of the rocket in connection with her father.  Her father had recently passed away, and she and her brother, Steven Williams, a famous radio show host in his own right, had discovered many unexplainable items in their father’s personal belongings.  Jan contacted the radio station and asked the radio show host to send an email on her behalf to David Adair so that she could question him about his relationship with her father.

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DAVID ADAIR THE REAL STORY David Adair, Rocket Science, UFO Area 51, Arthur Rudolph, black ops, Colonel Bailey Arthur Williams, Curtis LeMay, fastest rocket on Earth, government coverup, Jan Williams,

The story of David Adair is a most amazing tale of secret government rocket labs, Area 51 and off-world technology. His story started back in the 1950's is even more relevant today . With the rise of