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The story of David Adair is a most amazing tale of secret government rocket labs, Area 51 and off-world technology. His story started back in the 1950's is even more relevant today . With the rise of Elon Musk SpaceX and plans to journey to Mars and colonize our moon, the achievements of David Adair just can't be understated. At 17 he built the worlds fastest rocket with help from top military personnel. NASA and SpaceX are using his amazing discoveries to advance the human race is ways most of us never thought possible. UFO enthusiasts have long known of David Adair's secret work with the U.S.Governement and how Area 51 is the epicenter of these phenomena. Today the US Navy has admitted the seeing these strange flying objects and have even released actual video footage from our fighter jets Cockpit cameras proving to the world these UFOS exist.

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